Simple assembly

Meiden AGV Kit assembly involves simply fitting the basic units (drive units, control unit, operating switches, raise/lower lever, marker sensor) and battery to the cart.
Lay the magnetic tape on the floor to create a path, and you're ready to go!

System building is simple

Build the system by simply clicking to select left or right at the braches on the screen of the PC attached to the Meiden AGV Kit. Even complex route setup is simplified.

Simple operation

Press the Start switch to begin operation.

Lower the lever to turn it into a push-cart

Lower the lever to turn the Meiden AGV Kit into a push-cart. Convenient when moving off the regular track.

Build an AGV for your unique loads

The AGV can be fitted to a variety of carts to suit unique customer scenarios.

High level of functionality at low price

Both high-speed and low-speed possible with the basic unit. If two units are used, loads of up to 1 tonne are possible. Add only the necessary functions from the wide range of options.

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