Introduction Examples

Introduction Examples

Example 3 Special vehicle manufacture
A first in small and maneuverable AGVs.

  • crawling-type towing vehicle
  • Reverse function
  • 2 units
  • High-speed
  • External I/O

*Click to watch a video for further details.

This Meiden AGV Kit is used as a crawling-type towing vehicle. The low height allows it to move under the cart and raise a towing pin from below to catch the frame of the cart for towing.
When the Meiden AGV Kit arrives at a station, the pin is lowered automatically, and the Meiden AGV Kit moves to the next job, leaving the cart behind.

*All operation is automatic. Destination and start instructions are evaluated by the Meiden AGV Kit sensors,
and operator instructions are unnecessary.
*The wheelbase has been reduced to improve maneuverability.