What is the Meidensha AGV?

The Meidensha AGV is an optimized transport system based on many years of experience, and the most recent technology.

The Meidensha AGV difference

Employs technology developed over many years.
Under the banner of 'Motors by Meiden', Meidensha has been engaged in development of motor and control technologies over more than 100 years, and has few rivals.
  Core technologies developed by the company are employed in the motor and control equipment of the AGV, and are essential in its guidance equipment.

Meidensha has accumulated experience and know-how in parallel with development of the automobile industry and its requirements for sophisticated transport technology.
The AGV has supported the Japanese automobile industry over many years.
Experience gained from severe conditions of use, frequent line changes, and demands for high reliability has been incorporated in AGV development.

Superior Track Record
AGVs are employed in a variety of industries and industrial categories. The AGV system is ideal for application in a wide range of fields, and a wide range of requirements.

Three Guidance Systems

  • Magnetic Guidance
    Either magnetic rods are buried along the path, or magnetic tape is applied to the floor along the path. The magnetic field is detected and used for guidance.
  • Laser Guidance
    Reflector plates attached to the walls are scanned by a laser radar to determine position and attitude of the AGV, and thus control its motion. Buried guidance equipment is not required, and installation work is therefore free of dust and particles.

    Click for details of AGV laser guidance.

  • Tracked Guidance
    Ceiling and floor rails available for high-speed transport.

Reliable, High Precision

The ability to pick up and convey items accurately to another location requires a high degree of precision in stopping. The tracking performance of the Meidensha AGV is ensured by highly reliable sensing and control technologies boasting a maximum stopping accuracy of 5mm.

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Large Range of Models Available

The product range covers AGVs for loads of a few tens of kilograms to a few tens of tonnes.
Select an AGV in kit form, or a complete AGV system, to suit location and loads to be carried.

Maximum Permissible Loads for Each AGV 3ACB Standard Partial low-tray Crawling tow vehicle Large, heavy loads Autonomous, low lift Ceiling-mounted Tracked carts Meiden AGV Kit

*Contact the manufacturer if your loads exceed permissible maximums.

Meidensha has accumulated considerable experience in a diverse range of transport equipment (eg roller conveyors, chain conveyors, push-pull) over many years. Meidensha has unrivalled confidence in its ability to design and manufacture transport equipment customized for each particular scenario.

AGV Control Technology

A plentiful array of control technologies, including wireless LAN-based autonomous distributed control and autonomous junction control, AGV spin turning, and programmed steering.

Battery Charging Suited to Operating Time

Automatic battery charging suited to AGV operating time, AGV type, and location of installation.
The capacitor type permits short charging times, permitting 24-hour continuous operation if the AGV is charged while waiting.

Comprehensive Safety Measures

A variety of safety measures are implemented. These include obstacle sensors, warning devices, self-diagnostic functions, and vehicle condition monitoring functions. Our systems are safe both in terms of the safety of the AGV itself, and in terms of safe operation.

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